Today Nurbo is a professional actor based in Stockholm, Sweden. You will soon see Nurbo in the role as Jackie in the new TV- series "Taelgia" that will air in september 2023. But long before he started acting he had other goals. At a very young age Nurbo had a prosperous boxing career and won titles as Swedish Champion and Scandinavian Champion.

For most of his boxing career, he was a member of the Swedish National Team.  He was also selected for training for the  2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro. During his boxing career Nurbo won titles in the Skandinavian countries, Italy, Turkey, England and Cuba. 

His boxing career came to an end when he joined the Swedish army.  Nurbo qualified for ranger training in the north of Sweden where he obtained survivalist training in arctic environments. 

After ranger training, Nurbo moved to Stockholm where he recieved battle method training.  In Stockholm, he was introduced to acting, which became his new passion.  There Nurbo auditioned for a main role for one of Europes biggest Wild Western Parks and got the job. He was Zorro in the show " The Masks Of Zorro" directed by Michael Brolin.  In this role, he rode horses, fenced, performed his own stunts, and  danced.

Due to his exposure as Zorro, he was asked to take a leading role in the ballet, "The Sleeping Beauty."  This role came with private ballet lessons, training as hard as any he had experienced in his past. This experience helped launch his love for movement and dance.

Nurbo have in his later years completed feature films, shortfilms, music videos and TV-series.  And to further his abilities, he moved to New York and studied  at New York Film Academy.   Now he live and work in Stockholm as a professional actor.